Sectorfile will not longer published here. Please download the current sectorfile via Aurora app: “PVD”, “SECTOR”. Search for “GE”.

As there are huge updates in the Airspace of UGGG FIR, we constantly update the Sectorfile Airac 2013 now. The latest version you can find here:


In future, please refer to the procedure described above. Thank you!


BETA 1-5

– New STARs and SIDs
– Working polygones (tfl)
– Updated MVRAs
– Updated MEAs (Click HS)
– Updated low Sectors (Click LS)
– New polygones for “who is online” for UGTB_APP and UGTB_TWR (shape edited to new airspace borders)
– All Holdings within UGGG FIR
– New Polygones for UGKO, UGSB and UGAM