Other Information / Quickview

Pretty much most of the stuff is explained in other Procedure Pages, however a few things missing:

  • CTR Positions: UGGG_CTR (Tbilisi Radar, Frequency 135.125), UGGG_E_CTR (Tbilisi Radar, Frequency 125.125), UGGG_W_CTR (Tbilisi Radar, Frequency 133.400)
  • UGGG_CTR position which is a Merged CTR position, shall NOT include Transition Altitude as it 7600ft in East Sector and 7000ft in West Sector.
  • UGGT_TWR (Telavi Tower, Frequency 120.000), UGSA_TWR (Natakhtari Tower, Frequency 131.750), UGMS_TWR (Mestia Tower, Frequency 121.100 ), UGAM_TWR (Ambrolauri Tower, Frequency 119.850) positions act as FIS for VFR Traffic. Non-VFR Traffic is forbidden in these Airports.
  • On Exams and Trainings, active ATC can use SIDs and STARs.
  • As a Controller, when filling ATIS, don’t enter any special characters (even in Name graph) as it prevents from ATIS being displayed.