GCA Program


IVAO Georgian Division is one of the divisions on IVAO, participating in Guest Controller Approval (GCA) Program, which is part of Rules and Regulations 5.1.7:

“Divisions may require members of foreign divisions to obtain a Guest Controller Approval before being allowed to log in on FRA restricted positions. Divisions shall announce their participation and publish their requirements on the division’s web site.”

As a general requirement all GCA applicants must hold at least the ADC (Aerodrome Controller) rating.



In addition:

Applicants should be able to speak fluent English language.

Applicants must be able to participate in Events, Trainings, Exams and Online days, to make required total of at least 1 session (1 hour) Control per week.

The approval is given for one year following the time of the evaluation, but may be subject to modification if necessary, under circumstances. Approaching the deadline, should a member would like to renew his/her GCA will have to contact ge-hq@ivao.aero fail to do so will result to the removal of the GCA. To prevent GCA removal, we also ask you to maintain these rules:

    • Comply with the rules and regulations of IVAO.
    • Respect and apply local procedures.
    • Be friendly to adjacent ATCs and pilots that you may encounter.


Check-out procedures:

All ADC and APC Controllers will be examined for proficiency on an UGTB_APP (Tbilisi Approach) Position.

All ACC Controllers will be examined for proficiency on UGGG_CTR (Tbilisi Radar) Position.

Based on the knowledge shown, on the checkout from Applicant, we shall restrict applicant to specific ATC Positions if necessary.


Note that:

*All Controllers regardless of Rank, shall go through mandatory training for UGTB_APP position.

*We reserve the right to ask you to close your position if in case of, Divisional or IVAO Events, a)fail to announce your participation by booking ATC slot on tools.ivao.aero for that Event, or b)do not attend the Event ATC briefing.

*We reserve the right to ask you to close your position if in case of Training or Exam at that specific Aerodrome or Position

*We reserve the right to ask you to close your position if you do not respect the Division procedures.

We strongly urge you having a briefing session before applying for GCA and if it is practical for you observe an experienced controller doing his work in Georgia. This way you can have far better chances of getting your GCA faster when you apply for it.

When you are ready to request your GCA please send an email ge-mc@ivao.aero

Your email has to contain the following:

  1. Name and VID
  2. Tell us why you wish to control in Georgia
  3. Any experience you might have within Georgia
  4. Date proposals for Training and or Check-out

After receiving your e-mail, we will check your profile and coordinate a session for Training or Check-out. Note here that a clean suspension record is in your favor.


The Quiz is mandatory for all GCA applicants. It can be repeated any time. Minimum score to pass is 75%