IVAO Georgian Division is one of the divisions on IVAO, participating in Guest Controller
Approval (GCA) Program, which is part of Rules and Regulations 5.1.7:

“Divisions may require members of foreign divisions to obtain a Guest Controller Approval
before being allowed to log in on FRA restricted positions. Divisions shall announce their
participation and publish their requirements on the division’s web site.”


  • Applicants should be able to speak fluent English language.
  • Applicants should be familiar with the local procedures
  • Applicants should control at least 2 hours in Georgian airspace in a month
    • Hours can be accumulated so that, for example, only 4 hours are needed in 2
  • Applicants must hold the ADC Raiting.

How to get a GCA in the Georgian Division:

  1. Request a GCA Checkout via mail at ge-training@ivao.aero
  2. Schedule an appointment with our Training Department
  3. Pass your GCA checkout, ADC knowledge is required.
  4. Additionally you must be familiar with the local procedures of Tbilisi FIR and it’s included airports.

Users who already have a GCA:

  • All GCAs issued in our Division are permanent, however they can be revoked ifusers don’t meet requirements anymore. To ensureour ATCsprovide high quality ATC service, GCA checkouts may be requested by the Training Department from time to timeand depending on the checkout result, GCA may be kept or revoked.

Check-out procedures:

  • Prior to practical part, atheoretical part will be will be carried out by assigned trainer
  • During theoretical part, applicant must prove his/her theoretical knowledge for the entire FIR
  • All GCA checkouts for ADC and APC members will beonUGTB_APP (TbilisiApproach) Position
  • All GCA checkouts for memberswith ACC rating and above will be carried outon UGGG_CTR (Tbilisi Radar) Position
  • GCA member can be restricted from providing ATC service on specific ATC position at any time