Pilots Exams

There are no special Division rules for requesting an Exam. You can request your Exam according IVAO rules at any time in your personal profile page.


ATC Exams

Of course we are strictly following IVAO rules. But there is an additional rule in our division:

As we are a small division with a low traffic situation, the Examinee is responsible to organise a valid amount of traffic (ask your friends) and the Examinee is responsible for nominating required Controllers for the other Stations! The Examiner will request the HQ Pilots.

If the Exam does not meet the minimum traffic requirements within a 2 hours period, it will be rated as a fail and will result in a waiting period of 30 days for the next attempt!

For the minimum traffic and what ATC Stations have to be online, please refer to the brifing guides which can be found here.


Announcement of your Exam:

What we do:
We announce your exam on
– IVAO Exam Calendar
– GE Website Exam Calendar
– IVAO Discord Exam Announcement Channel
– and we are requesting the HQ Pilots

What you do:
You should announce your exam on
– GE Forum
– IVAO Forum
– Facebook, Twitter etc…
and wherever you like to create traffic;)
– most important: Ask your friends to help you with traffic.



We trust you understand this decision. We think it is fair to share the responsibility and workload between the Training Department and the Examinee. Our experience has shown so far, that requesting the HQ-Pilots only does not guarantee the minimum required amount of traffic.