To be transparent and fair to everyone and to respect IVAO’s rules and local procedures the Training Department agreed to following in order to score the exams:


Separation VFR to VFR within the CTR (ADC only):

officially spoken, there is no separation between VFR and VFR in airspace C.
But it is an autofail in the following case: Separation below 2,5NM and no traffic information is given to both aircraft involved, followed by the necessary confirmation of both pilots that the other aircraft is in sight and they are maintaining their own separation.

Separation VFR to IFR:

3 NM: Good

2.9 NM and below: Autofail in any case.

Separation IFR to IFR:

5 NM: Good
4.9 NM and below: Autofail in any case.





We created 5NM helping lines in the Sectorfile. If you keep the VFR traffic outside this line, while an IFR is arriving, you are more than ok. We know it is a small sector, but that is the situation and we need to respect IVAOs rules and local procedures!

As Tigran talked with local ATC Controllers we can accept 3 miles for VFR-IFR separation. The helping line below will be updated from 5nm to 3nm in the next Airac update. I apologies for all the updates but it is an ongoing discussion and we try hard to make the best out of it. Thanks for understanding.


Important: On arrival and departure, means aircraft following a 
preceding aircraft, the rules for Wake Turbulence Separation Minima comes in place:
LightbehindMedium5 NM
HeavybehindHeavy4 NM
MediumbehindHeavy5 NM
LightbehindHeavy6 NM
HeavybehindA3806 NM
MediumbehindA3807 NM
LightbehindA3808 NM

additionally to this table above we tread Light behind Light or Medium behind Medium the same like Heavy behind Heavy —> 4NM



As we are talking about separation minimas, just a reminder for the minimas on Take Offs:

2 Minutes is the general case. 3 Minutes if (in a very rare case) an Airbus A380 is the preceding Aircraft regardless which aircraft follows.