How do I apply for a division change?

Upon initial registration, members will be asked to choose a division that they wish to join. If you would like to be transferred to another division, make sure to choose an active division. We will not execute division transfers to inactive divisions.  A list of all active divisions can be found here:

According to department rule M.3: Division Change request: “A user may once per 12 months request a division transfer, all transfers are subject of approval by the users prospective division and the Membership Department.

Are there any restrictions and limitations?

Yes, there are a couple of restrictions. Before you request the division transfer, make sure to read these points:

  • Be aware, only one division transfer per year is allowed.
  • Contact us only with the e-mail address that you are currently using on your IVAO profile.
  • We will not process any transfer with no VID in the subject line.
  • We will not process any transfers to inactive divisions.
  • We will not process any transfers from suspended members.
  • In case you have a pending exam, please finish it or request the training department to cancel the pending exam.
  • Make sure to use English only, if you are unable to communicate in English, please contact your division staff for assistance.

How to request a division transfer?
A division transfer request is very easy. Make sure to contact your new (desired) division, the old division and to the IVAO HQ Membership Department.

Please follow and execute the following steps:

STEP 1: Send the request to old division: and new division (our GE Division): with CC to (in only one mail).

STEP 2: Make sure to add as CC (Carbon Copy).

STEP 3: Write in the subject-line the following title: Division transfer *VID*
(make sure to replace *VID* with your own VID!)

STEP 4: Write in your e-mail why you would like to be transferred to another division. The better your motivation is described, the better and sooner a decision can be made.

STEP 5: Check, Check & Double-Check! Nothing is better to double-check everything. This will help us to process your transfer request a lot quicker.

After you have checked everything, you can send your request. We will try to manage your request within 10 days.

Fictional Peter is currently in the German division, but he really wants to join the Mexican division. He is following the step 1 till 5.


Thank you Wesley Woortman who published the original text here.