Tbilisi Ground
Frequency: 131.7

Transition Altitude: 7600ft
Transition Level: FL090

Very rarely Tower and Ground is serviced at the same time in Tbilisi. Same here. Below you find a list of our SID’s. You can use squak 1000 for the clearance. But here is the official squak list according AIP:

International flights, departing or transit:
Tbilisi ACC: 6752-6772
Tbilisi APP: 6740-6747
Kutaisi Tower: 6750, 6751
Batumi Tower: 6773, 6774

Local flights:
Tbilisi APP: 0060-0077
Kutaisi TWR: 7040-7047
Batumi TWR: 7050-7057

Search and Rescue:
Tbilisi APP: 7711-7716
Kutaisi TWR: 7717-7721
Batumi TWR: 7722, 7723

Taxi Clearance:
Beside the route clearance, Ground is responsible for taxi clearances as well. Ground clears all outbound traffic via C to B and handover to Tower 119.0 for Runway 13R and via C to E for Runway 31L. Taxiway A should be used for small Aircraft only departing both runway.

Inbound traffic will be received from Tower as soon the Runway is cleared. See section “Arrivals” for Gates/Stands.

Departures are going to DF, LAMUS and LAGAS from both Runways and require a climb gradient up to 6.0%. Furthermore, departures has to be carry out with company noise abatement procedures. Recommended are NADP 1 or 2 procedures.

Climb clearance is to FL090 (FL160 if MARENULI Areas active).

RWY 13R:
DF6A, FL100 or higher at DF
LAGAS2A, FL140 or higher at LAGAS
LAMUS6A, FL110 or higher at LAMUS

RWY 31L:
DF3A, FL100 or higher at DF
LAGAS3A, FL140 or higher at LAGAS
LAMUS3A, FL110 or higher at LAMUS

Stands at the Terminals are 100, 101, 102 and 103 and should be used for all Aircraft using the bridge. 105 – 116 are Bus Stands.