Tbilisi Radar UGGG_CTR
Frequency: 125.125

In the real world Tbilisi Radar UGGG_CTR is divided in 2 FIR’s: Tbilisi West and Tbilisi East. Due to the circumstance of not so much traffic, we renounce to divide Tbilisi FIR.

Maybe in future, when traffic situation requires, we consider to divide Tbilisi FIR.

International flights, departing or transit:
Tbilisi ACC: 6752-6772
Tbilisi APP: 6740-6747
Kutaisi Tower: 6750, 6751
Batumi Tower: 6773, 6774

Local flights:
Tbilisi APP: 0060-0077
Kutaisi TWR: 7040-7047
Batumi TWR: 7050-7057

Search and Rescue:
Tbilisi APP: 7711-7716
Kutaisi TWR: 7717-7721
Batumi TWR: 7722, 7723

Be aware that the Caucasus Mountains are require a high terrain clearance. Crossing the North Caucasus Mountains should be not cleared below FL210, expect routings via N82, L133, T921. MEA for this routing is FL195 and should be cleared according semicircular/hemispheric rule.

Incoming traffic from Russia flying via GUSLI, shouldn’t cross that point below FL230. All Airways from GUSLI (L131, M54, L125) have a lower MEA of FL195.


Neighborhood Airports and Sectors (Starting from Northwest and going clockwise around the sector):

Airports Russian Federation:

  • URSS:
    All Arrivals: Descent to FL 110 at BANUT, expect PITOP FL060. Transfer to URSS_APP 118.3 or URRV_CTR 124.9

    All Arrivals: Due to the North Caucasus Mountains, MEA is FL195 via TAVSA N82 LAPTO. North Caucasus Crossings should not be cleared below FL 210 on this Route due to higher MEA via LAPTO A234 AGDOR. Transfer to URRV_CTR 124.9

Airports Azerbaijan:

  • UBBY:
    Runway 33 Arrival: Descent to FL 160 at BAGVA, expect BAGVA3F. Unfortunately there are no corresponding Airways to BAGVA. Transfer to UBBA_CTR 120.8
  • UBBQ:
    All Arrivals:  FL210 at ADEKI due to MEATransfer to UBBA_CTR 120.8
  • UBBG:
    All Arrivals: FL210 at BARAD due to MEA.Transfer to UBBA_CTR 120.8

Airports Armenia:

  • UDSG:
    All Arrivals: FL210 at TAVRO or OGEVI. Transfer to UDDD_CTR 127.6
  • UDYZ:
    All Arrivals: FL230 at TAVRO or OGEVI. Transfer to UDDD_CTR 127.6


Turkish Sector:

  • There are no airports close enough to Tbilisi FIR to take care about. Anyway, transfer to LTAA_CTR