Babushara Tower

Frequency: 129.0

As no METAR is available for this Airport, we have decided to use following Procedures:

Transition Altitude: 7000ft
Transition Level: FL090

Departure Runway: 12
Arrival Runway: 30

Pilots may request opposite Runway.

Departure Procedures: After take off maintain runway heading, followed by vectors.

Approach Procedures: Radar vectors for the visual approach

Squawk: 1000

Sokhumi Babushara Airport is part of UGGG_CTR. We as GE-Division follow strictly international laws and restricions and do not interfere political discussions.

Please see Wikipedia for more information.

We have decided to proceed as follows:

–  Signing up as Tower (Because there is only TWR position for Sokhumi) is possible, and we take this Airport as a part of our Division.

–  Service is provided from UGGG_CTR  as normal until the arriving aircraft is on final where traffic will be transferred to UGSS_TWR. In case of departing aircraft, UGSS_TWR will issue IFR/VFR, pushback, taxi and take off clearances, once the aircraft is airborne TWR will transfer aircraft to CTR.

Please note that Sokhumi  Babushara Airport is closed for International Flights in the Real World!

–  We do accept all flights from/to or via Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Russia at any time.