Welcome to fly in our new Division.

How to become a Pilot? You register here, and you can start flying. Of course there are no special restrictions entering our airspace. You are a member of another division? File your flightplan, and get ready for departure. We welcome you in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi or any other of our nice airports.

As we are a new (unofficial) Division and our Trainingdepartment is just developing, we can not support you right now. But its all on the way, but to be honest, it will take time. Do you want to help us developing our Division? Please dont heasitate to contact us.

To help you a bit more, please read our first steps

Most of the Pilots on UNICOM squaking 1200 or 2000. That is not a mistake at all, but Radar Controller can not see anything with this setting. We kindly request to enter our airspace with Squak 1000 when coming from UNICOM. Thanks a lot! Anyway, you can find a list of squak codes to be used in Tbilisi FIR here:

International flights, departing or transit:
Tbilisi ACC: 6752-6772
Tbilisi APP: 6740-6747
Kutaisi Tower: 6750, 6751
Batumi Tower: 6773, 6774

Local flights:
Tbilisi APP: 0060-0077
Kutaisi TWR: 7040-7047
Batumi TWR: 7050-7057

Search and Rescue:
Tbilisi APP: 7711-7716
Kutaisi TWR: 7717-7721
Batumi TWR: 7722, 7723