Kutaisi Tower
Frequency: 125.5

Transition Altitude: 7000ft
Transition Level: FL090

Very rarely Tower and Ground is serviced at the same time in Kutaisi. Same here. Below you find a list of our SID’s.

Departures are going to ANIKA, LOBIN and NEDEK from both Runways and require a climb gradient up to 5.3%.

Climb clearance is to final cruise level after Aircraft is received from Tower and should be transferred to UGGG_CTR when passing FL110.

RWY 07:
ALIKA1D, FL090 or higher at ALIKA
LOBIN1D, FL090 or higher at LOBIN
NEDEK1D, 7000′ or higher at NEDEK

RWY 25:
ALIKA2D, FL090 or higher at ALIKA
LOBIN2D, FL090 or higher at LOBIN
NEDEK2D, 7000′ or higher at NEDEK

You can use squak 1000 for the clearance. Here is the official squak list according AIP:

International flights, departing or transit:
Tbilisi ACC: 6752-6772
Tbilisi APP: 6740-6747
Kutaisi Tower: 6750, 6751
Batumi Tower: 6773, 6774

Local flights:
Tbilisi APP: 0060-0077
Kutaisi TWR: 7040-7047
Batumi TWR: 7050-7057

Search and Rescue:
Tbilisi APP: 7711-7716
Kutaisi TWR: 7717-7721
Batumi TWR: 7722, 7723

Stands at the Terminals are 1, 4 and 7 and should be used for all passenger Aircraft. If there is more than 3 Aircraft on the Apron, additional Stands are: 2, 5, 8, 3, 6 and 9 to be used in this order. There are no airbridges in Kutaisi available.