Kutaisi Approach
Frequency: 127.1

Transition Altitude: 7000ft
Transition Level: FL090

Departures are going to ANIKA, LOBIN and NEDEK from both Runways and require a climb gradient up to 5.3%.

Climb clearance is to final cruise level after Aircraft is received from Tower and should be transferred to UGGG_CTR when passing FL110.

UGGG_CTR should clear inbound traffic according to MEA requirements down to FL100. Aircraft should be transferred to UGKO_APP  at least 1000ft before reaching this level.

07 Arrivals will be carried out via ALIKA1C/3C, LOBIN1C and NEDEK1C/3C Arrivals.
25 Arrivals will be carried out via ALIKA2C, LOBIN2C/4C and NEDEK2C Arrivals
Arrivals expect the usual speed limit of 250KIAS below FL100.

All Arrivals end overhead KTS VOR. Approach Controllers may choose to pick the Aircraft up for a smooth vectoring to final. Please respect Radar Mnm Alts, refer to Jepessen Chart 10-1R.

If no Approach Controller is online, UGGG_CTR is responsible servicing the lower Sectors, e.g. Approach and Tower.

This is a game and not “we are pushing the limits”. If you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, you may transfer traffic to Unicom, even if you are responsible for lower Sector because nobody is online there. But you are always responsible for the traffic in your Sector! Sending your own sector traffic to Unicom should be strictly avoided!
That might be a rare situation, because we don’t have so much traffic and of course that should be an exception in order to provide the best service we can.