New „unofficial“ Teammember

Dear all, Please welcome Julianna Montchery as our (unofficial) Teammember. As per regulations she can be appointed officially in May. She will responsible for Events Coordination as long Andreas Tinis is busy with his real life ATPL exams. And who knows what’s going on until May. Maybe Andreas decides not Read more…

We are open!

We became official Division today and moved our website to Thanks to the Executive Council for their support and thanks to the Teammembers for their hard work.  

Sectorfile Update

Its still AIRAC 1910 but some changes   Added: TMA Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi including Radar Minimum Altitudes You will find the sectorfile in the Controllers section as usual. The Radar Minimum Altitude Labels are defined as [GEO] Restrict Area. If you dont want them, you can switch them of Read more…


Forum is online now. Please note, we are required to have everything on one website. So, Facebook is a good Platform, but I try to manage that we have all functions available on our website. Thats not on me, its a requirement by IVAO. You will find the Forum here